I first met Stephanie and Brian at Waverly Country Club for a walkthrough of their venue and to discuss their Fine Art Wedding Photography.   They were there with their parents, who I happened to recognize from a restaurant I used to work at many years ago. We spent the whole time trying to figure out where we knew each other until it finally clicked.  We all laughed at how small of a world it can be.

During their engagement photography session I got to know Stephanie and Brian more intimately and their pup who they brought along.  Both of them wanted me to know upfront that they absolutely hated getting their photos taken and had very few photos together as a result.  Through making them laugh in that session and giving them many breaks as we walked and talked along the downtown waterfront, they decided getting their photo taken wasn’t as bad as they had imagined.  So on their wedding day when I first arrived, they were both ready (as much as they could be) for a whole day of being photographed.

Stephanie and her bridesmaids were having champagne and finishing up makeup and last minute details.  When Stephanie put on her dress, she truly glowed.  After a few portraits, we headed down for her first look with Brian.

Their ceremony was overlooking the Willamette River and that Summer there were many forest fires so there is a haze of smoke along the river and made it a unique and beautiful backdrop.   After celebrating down the aisle, we went right into the reception where there were warm and funny toasts from family and friends.

They were a private couple so almost didn’t do the first dance, but at the last minute decided to go for it.  Those are some of my favorite photos of the day as it captures how much they truly care for each other.