Posing Tips

Alright, we have covered some basics, but when it comes down to posing – how can you prepare for this?  Well, there is always Pinterest, but it’s so easy to get lost in all those beautiful images you couldn’t possibly remember how everyone was standing, sitting, twirling and how they looked so natural.  Well, you’re in luck.  There are a few classic poses that you will love and that are oh so flattering.

I call this one “the cyclops.”  Okay, that’s not very romantic.  You could also say you’re making a heart with your heads.  But I call it the cyclops because I’ll never forget one couple when they were in this pose saying that it looked like their partner look like cyclops and they burst out laughing. That was the best shot of their shoot.  Anyways, this is a classic. The key – touch your foreheads together. Don’t be afraid – it always looks cute.

Next one.  Remember in my earlier post about couples portraits about the walking? Yes, that is a pose.  The “Look at each other walk, talk and be cute.” It works every time!

Next one – this is more advanced (I mean are any of them really advanced though).  If you can figure out how to hold hands with the same hand (note two rights make a right), then you’re in.  Turn and look back and you get that oh so cute smile.The last one for today is one of my favorites.  Getting into the water is optional, but if you’re going to do a kissing shot, you might as well do it right.  Put your hands on his face (or hers, works both ways) and give them a good smooch.  Can’t help but to have your love come through in this one.Stay tune for more poses and tips down the road!Warmly,Abby