Hi! I am Abby, a Top Fine Art Wedding Photographer from Portland, Oregon, and this is my story. I have been shooting weddings for the past ten years. I have met the most extraordinary people and have learned so much about the art of photography, people, myself. I became a hybrid photographer in 2019 and began incorporating film, which I fell in love with. 

I love to capture the authenticity and beauty of people. I approach photography with a romantic, impressionist sensibility. Over the past decade, I have had the pleasure of documenting some of the most amazing and exclusive celebrations for discerning patrons.

My luminous imagery is understated, yet reminiscent, resulting from a clear and refined creative direction and an exceptional eye for elegance. My fresh and simple composition and use of natural light have evolved from a deep love and respect for the art and craft of shooting film. My clients describe my work as “painterly,” “nuanced,” “elegant,” and I am honored to do something that I love and am thankful for that every day. 

Top Fine Art Wedding Photographer Portland Oregon Abby Rae Photography


Joie works as a Lead Photographer for Abby Rae Photography.

Joie’s love for photographer started in high school with her fascination with senior portraits. It was always very interesting to her how professional photographers can take photos anywhere and still make the photo look good compared to someone who did not know what they were doing.

Joie has captured weddings all across the United States as well as some international destinations. To name a few, some of her favorite shoot locations to date included: San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Falls Church Virginia, Falmouth Massachusetts, Waco Texas, Syracuse New York, Cabo San Lucas, Kauai Hawaii, Missoula Montana, Boise Idaho, Sunol California, and Fresno!

Joie has touched the lives of many couples, captured over 100+ weddings & engagements as well as maternity and family sessions there after, and plans to continue capture the amazing stories of many more!

Joie lives with her husband and two dogs in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. They enjoy exploring the outdoors and traveling to nearby cities on their free time.


Katie grew up in Portland, Oregon.  She discovered photography in high school and carried on her love for photos through out her adult life.  Katie found her love for weddings four years ago working alongside Abby Rae Photography and has loved it ever since.  She appreciates all the details and beautiful touches through out a wedding day and does such a wonderful job capturing candid moments!


Fun Facts


Your Wedding


What is your favorite food?

Basically cheese. I think any other food I would pick would have cheese on it anyways.

What is your favorite movie?

About Time. I could watch it on repeat forever.

What is your favorite place to shop?

Anthropologie is my not so secret obsession. Also Madewell! (conveniently right across the street from each other in Portland)

What is your favorite non-photography activity?

Spending time with family. My sisters are my best friends so we definitely spend a lot of time together.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yup! Anywhere the wind takes me. I love traveling to new spots for weddings!

What happens if you are sick on my wedding day?

Fortunately, this has never happened to me! (Knock on wood) But I also have a list of fellow photographers as back ups just in case. You're covered.

Do you bring back up cameras in case yours fails?

Absolutely. Again, fortunately this has never happened, but always have to be prepared just in case!

What would my photography timeline look like?

It completely depends on how you would like it to be! I work closely with you on your timeline leading up to the day. The main change is determined by your decision to do a first look or not. If you choose to have a first look, we would do a majority if not all of the portraits before the ceremony. If not, about half of the portraits are done after the ceremony. Both work out great!

How quickly will we get our images back?

Depending on the season, I work hard to get your images back to you within 4-6 weeks. As I do all of my own post production, this does take time, but I know that these are long weeks so do my very best.

What would be your advice for us on our wedding day?

Enjoy every moment. The day goes by fast and if you don't make sure to enjoy it - it will be over before you know it! The photography should also be enjoyable, not a long arduous process. I love having fun with the couples and making my part just as memorable.

Do you recommend an engagement session?

Yes, absolutely! That's why I include it in all of my wedding packages. It's a great time to get to know each other and you can get familiar with my candid style.

Do you shoot anything besides weddings?

Of course! I started out before shooting weddings shooting family portraits. I love shooting family portraits, newborns and headshots. I shoot portraits all year round.

Do you have a studio?

I am primarily a natural light photographer so do not have a studio. I do have experience shooting in studios and have spaces I can rent out if this is the look you are going for.

Where do you shoot portrait sessions?

Fortunately for us, Portland has so many places to shoot - its an endless list! If you need any idea of places, I have a list of places I love, but I also love finding new spots. I can also go to your home if that is the place you are most comfortable!