Couples Portrait Tips

Okay, so you’ve been together for many years or even just a few years.  Every photo taken of you has been a classic “look here and smile” or maybe you almost never get photos together.   You start looking for a wedding photographer, even get so far as booking your wedding photographer and you have that moment where you realize that all those beautiful photos of people you are looking at are going to be YOU.  Don’t panic, it’s actually going to be way easier than you think. Luckily, you’re going to have an expert to help you find the best poses that are not only flattering but make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera – it’s just you two having a moment and nothing else really matters.

So, to prepare you for your upcoming adventures in front of the camera, here are some tips!

TIP ONE – this is a big one. Don’t forget that it’s all about how much you love each other.  So don’t be afraid to get in close and nuzzle.  Have you ever seen a photo of a couple with their arms around each other and a foot of space between them like they are at a middle school dance?  Well if you have, you know what I mean, but you likely haven’t because those don’t normally make the cut.  So yes, GET CLOSE.  Lean on each other, give little kisses, put your arms around each other and just enjoy the moment.

TIP TWO – also a big one.  Keep talking to each other.  This does two things – it distracts you from feeling uncomfortable and awkward because yes, you are getting your photo taken and it usually will make you laugh, which is always the best.  Interact with each other just like you normally would.  You can usually hear me saying at any couples session “Hold hands, walk, talk and be cute” – yup, you’ll get some cute photos at that moment.   There will be moments of silence, but let them be natural moments, not awkward ones.

TIP THREE – Just. Go. With. It.   You’ll get in poses you think are going to make no sense or come out looking funny, but sometimes you just have to trust the person on the other side of that camera.  Trust that the person guiding you knows what they are doing and if it feels too unnatural, remember how you might naturally stand or where your hand might naturally go and do that.  Working together with your photographer, staying true to what you feel and also trusting that you will get beautiful images is key.

TIP FOUR – Keep looking at each other.  Because this is about you and your personality. Most couples portraits you see that are meaningful are simply those of you looking at each other and sharing a moment.  You’ll remember the shoot when you look back on it as your time together, not your time staring at the camera.   There will be some occasional photos of you looking at the camera, but for the most part, those aren’t the ones that you’re going to print, frame and use on your invites.  So do what you do best and look at each other.

Tip number five – The final tip. Forget everything and just have fun. Remember these moments and this time in your life.

See you next time!